We help brands think local
We are Brandalism


I create the harmony between your core DNA, your external sales and your customers’ lives.


I develop comprehensive brand strategies that provide a roadmap for your company's identity and DNA and that clearly marks your territory and helps you attain your competitive positioning.

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Simply put, I give your brand purpose. I give it a story, an attitude and a culture. A story that provides your customers with value, and that works on the heart as much as it works on the mind.

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I make sure that both the strategic and creative are fully implemented and activated. Working closely with leadership, I ensure that vision becomes results.

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The Process

Building brands with meaning
Because ultimately, your brand has to stand for something. It has to resonate with your customers, users, staff, investors and partners.
Helping you understand why your business exists, what makes it better than the rest and why should people care.
Creating an identity that humanizes your DNA by translating your vision into a unique voice and tone and visual style
Identifying your brand's opportunity to create a meaningful experience with your customer and executing across multiple platforms
Ensuring that the brand is integrated into the business model and that the process is fully optimized
Trust the process


Some of my clients, past and present.