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Brand Strategy, Core Messaging


How to turn a new dog food brand into a lifestyle choice?

Big Idea:

If you were a dog, 
you’d so be into this…

Simple. Honest. Goodness.

About Case:

For many dog owners, the dog has long stopped being just a pet and has become a full part of the family.

Within this group, a large segment live a healthy, organic lifestyle with a focus on wellbeing. For Boosa & Co’s tailored natural meal plans, it only made sense to target this audience with a cheeky yet authentic narrative that speaks not only about the dog, but the priceless relationship between dog and dog owner.

In a highly competitive landscape filled with brands that all look the same (just with different dogs on the packaging), we created a brand identity that not only stands out, but actually stands for something. 

Instead of generic images of dogs, we created a compelling narrative that makes the case for replacing over-processed industrial kibbles with wholesome goodness – just like the dog owners themselves did with their diets and life choices.