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Purple / Event industry

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How do you carve a lucrative niche between professional event planners and Google?

Big Idea:

When preparation meets inspiration

The ridiculously easy way to create your perfect event

About Case:

Before Purple became a leading marketplace in the U.S for corporate event planning, they were a startup struggling to find their identity and true calling. The key to finding this identity was distilling the true nature of event planning, and understanding the practical and psychological needs and pains of HR professionals and office managers who could either call in professional event planners or try doing it themselves with the help of Google.

When you break it down, every event is made up of 2 key elements: preparation and inspiration. The right and left sides of the brain. Blue and Red. When you blend them together, you get Purple. 

This was our starting point in developing a comprehensive brand strategy that is reflected across every touchpoint; from the name itself to the product and across all marketing assets.

With Purple, instead of looking at events as something you dreaded, or simply passed on to someone else, we helped our clients turn it into the highlight of their job and inspired them to discover the joys of tapping into their inner creativity, sometimes for the 1st time in their lives..