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Perfect / AI Recruitment

Naming strategy, core messaging


How to help both recruiters and candidates find a better fit?

Big Idea:

We don’t just find jobs, 
we build tribes

About Case:

The 2 biggest challenges facing the tech industry is finding good people, and then holding on to them. The average tenure of today’s tech employee is barely 2 years. While Big Data is part of the solution, it has in effect created so much noise, and an endless clutter of CV's (and data), that recruiters are overwhelmed and ineffective. They can’t focus on what matters most – the real people behind all that data.

Perfect created a truly innovative algorithm that is revolutionising the industry. Instead of looking at endless dry data, they connect the dots. Instead of focusing on where the candidate worked and studied, they find the intangibles that decode career trajectory, potential for growth, predicting happiness, work-life balance etc…

We developed a naming strategy and core narrative that appealed to both the recruiter and the employee who is not looking for just another job, but to find belonging and meaning.

From the biblical story of Gideon to Burning Man, we explored the cultural and societal meaning of belonging and how this especially affects Millennials and Gen Z’ers. We kept coming back to the importance of tribe. Helping candidates find their tribe. Helping recruiters build theirs.

We suggested, even though in the end Perfect was chosen by the client. Nonetheless, quite a few parts of the project insights were incorporated into the company’s thinking and messaging.