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How do you turn a new wine brand into a Millennial’s secret sauce for dating?

Big Idea:

There’s a new pairing in town

About Case:

Sometimes the medium is the message. In the last few years we have seen a meteoric rise in canned mixed spirits and hard seltzers, as well as a decrease in new wine consumers. Mine cleverly identified this global trend and created a line of canned white and rosé wines.

The first question we asked was why cans? What was the underlying reason Millenials and Gen Z were ditching the bottle in favour of the can?

The answer was inspiring. In part, the aluminium can is more sustainable than glass and plastic. More interestingly though, young people prefer cans because it gives them more control over how much they drink. As someone in the industry said, “they don’t want to get as fucked up as us at that age”. This coincides with the rise of dating apps such as Hinge whose tagline “designed to be deleted” reflects a new zeitgeist for meaningful relationships.

This was our starting point in creating a content strategy. You can’t meet your significant other if you’re wasted. But being tipsy is just what the doctor recommended. We took this one step further and redefined what a date should look like.

You no longer need to go to a bar or pricey restaurant to get lucky. All you need for a perfect first date is a bench, patch of grass or a beach towel -- and a 4 pack of Mine wine.

As younger people don’t have as much disposable income, Mine becomes both practical and romantic, especially for a growing audience that cares way more about experiences rather than brands .

Narrative Pillars:

The ultimate pairing

Old vs New (This ain’t your daddy’s cabernet)

Why in a can? (addressing the elephant in the room)