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Strategic narrative, core messaging


How to connect an innovative storage solution with digital nomads?

Big Idea:

Keep your friends close, 
and your storage closer.

Modern storage for people who live light & free

About Case:

Great brands are famous for focusing on one thing. For Flex Storage, that one thing is targeting ONE segment that demands a different type of service. In today’s changing world, this segment is growing fast – and willing to pay a premium for convenience. They are urban, hyper-mobile (some are digital nomads, some just have the freedom to move around at will). They live light and fast. Think what if Wolt & Uber had a baby.

They view storage as something that needs to be aligned with their lifestyle.

In the highly competitive storage landscape, we created a hyper-focused strategic narrative based on betting on the right audience, and then getting to know them.

Once we did that, it was only natural that Flex became bigger than just storage; it became about freedom and flexibility.

The narrative was obviously anchored to Flex’s unique mobile trailer solution that brings a game-changing solution and service to the market.

While we made a compelling case for this strategy, because it entailed a revision of the client’s go-to-market strategy, it was eventually abandoned. Much to our dismay.