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Core messaging, content strategy


How do you give the world’s safest car seat a priceless personality?

Big Idea:

A luxury you can’t afford
(to not have)

About Case:

Convertible car seats have remained largely unchanged for the past 30 years. A clunky piece of plastic with varying degrees of padding based on the make and model. Until babyark did to car seats what Dyson did to cleaning.

Winners of the CES 2023 Innovation award in Vehicle Tech, the babyark is a work of art, and unparalleled crash testing has proven it is head and shoulders above the competition in terms of safety. With innovative impact-absorbing technologies originally used in armoured vehicles and designed by iconic car designer Frank Stephenson, the man behind the Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, Ferrari GranSport and Maserati Gran Turismo (to name just a few), the babyark proves that form sometimes equals function.

The challenge: To develop a relaxed yet sophisticated language to not only communicate complex technologies, but persuade parents that what had worked for the last 30 years was simply no longer good enough. 

As babyark has so many things that make it exceptional, there is no one big idea that leads the strategic narrative, just the same meticulously elegant approach to words that went into the design and engineering of the seat itself. Every brand touchpoint exudes this commitment to quality and attention to detail -- from the website to the mobile app, from how-to videos to the most unique lifetime warranty ever written.

Narrative Pillars:

Safety is not a luxury

Inspired by nature, driven by technology

Form equals function