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“V60 is exactly what founders need to make their case.

It’s the format investors and early adopters are looking for.”

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A Founder’s Friend

Capture the essence of your start-up in a strategic 60-second video that creates FOMO and builds trust.



  • Defining your core message
  • Incorporating the human element
  • Full Production of 60-second video

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    I Am Laxer

    Ultimately, when you break it down, I am a storyteller and a problem solver. The kind that companies and organizations rely on for their brand DNA, culture and long-lasting reputation. I bring over 15 years of International experience across multiple sectors as a strategic storyteller helping shape the unique way business communicates, defining USP’s and products. I don’t believe in gimmicks, short-cuts and copy paste. I am best-suited for ambitious businesess want to create impact and challenge the status quo — for you, I bring an arsenal of tools and a conviction that everything is possible.


    Some of my clients, past and present.