1.1 Research & Analysis

Fully understand your business / organization as well as perform in-depth market analysis to provide a clear picture of what you're up against.

1.2 Identify opportunities

Develop market insights that detail the full spectrum of opportunities.


1.3 Entry Strategy & Channels

Devise entry strategies for each market segment and detail how to optimize each channel of communication. This includes crafting the core messaging as well as the specific messaging overview for each channel.

1.4 Custom Toolkit

Build a custom toolkit to deliver the arsenal of messages across the different channels of communication. We can work with your designers, social media people, PR and IT to create the ultimate toolkit.


The Brand Story

2.1 Brand Story

Develop your basic brand narrative. This is what you stand for - your own unique story. This manifests on your website, the hierarchy of your messaging, your inspirational video or the copy for your app.

2.2 Voice & Tone

Every brand has a flavor. It has a voice and a tone. Does it sound like Marlon Brando or does it sound like Michelle Obama. A brand has one voice and several tones.

The Brand Story

2.3 Original Content

A smart brand often creates a parallel conversation that lets it engage with its audience in a more entertaining and informal way. We create engaging original content.

2.4 Thought Leadership

A good brand has an opinion. A great brand is a leader. I help shape thought leadership content that helps you make that claim.


Brand Auditing

I conduct in-depth brand audits and provide a roadmap to help uncover brand opportunities and ensure your brand reaches its true potential.
I use reverse brand methodology combined with best business practices to provide you with unique insights that are compiled into operable action items.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research
Identify your market and your direct and indirect competition
Competitor Analysis
Compare your positioning vis a vis your competitors and identify opportunities for differentiation
Internal & External Surveys
Compare your positioning vis a vis your competitors and identify opportunities for differentiation
Touchpoint Analysis
Create a visual and tonal representation of your brand identity across multiple touch points.
Ensure the brand is integrated into operations and that the process is fully optimized.