Nov 25. 3 min read

Reaching for the stars

How we can help Israeli creatives reach global clients

Most Israeli creative business, whether designers, brand agencies, production houses or even architects, will all agree on the following: the Israeli client is not the easiest client.

Besides unsavoury payment habits, the israeli market is small and there are very few clients who dare to be different. While Israel is the startup nation, it is also a nation that stifles creativity and always prefers something that’s already been proven – usually creative that happened somewhere else 1-2 years earlier.

While this is happening here, creativity is in high demand and flourishing across Europe where businesses recognize the importance of brand, of originality, of standing out from the herd.

Israel’s reputation too has changed. Known for not only bombing poor Gazans and riding camels, but for innovation, creativity and unique design sensibilities, the European market is open to diversity, willing to stake their future on creatives who come from elsewhere, who have the confidence to pitch and showcase their exceptional work. There are already many Israeli creatives who are successful in European markets, not only the big names, but also a lot of individuals and agencies that are doing exceptional work.

How to market your services?

Surprisingly enough, one of the most effective tools is the one you are using right now. Yes, you are reading something because i have targeted you right here on LinkedIn (:

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool that helps you market your services in the most targeted manner. For creatives, the ideal client is one in an industry where you have already done some exceptional work or have unique set of insights. The company shouldn’t be too small or too large.

In general, there are 3 main parameters you should consider when targeting: title, geography and business sector.

You should seek to target the c-level, from CEO to CMO and expand your parameters to include such titles as founders, co-founders, directors and other related things that may pop up when you enter the first few positions.

The compelling presentation:

You should always remember that on LinkedIn you can’t be too pushy. You need to engage in a bit of foreplay before you get to where you want to go.

The most important thing you need after you’ve determined who you want to target is what you want to tell them and how you want to present you work, your talent and your experience. For every creative outfit there is a unique way of presenting this, whether it’s defining your company vision, presenting compelling case studies or introducing a unique process or service.

The process

In order to be effective, you need to create both a compelling presentation or reel and about 1 month to create the relevant datasets in order to segmentize your targeting.

We recommend scheduling a talk with us to go over the process and discuss your objectives before we tailor an effective approach.




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