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The Parallel Conversation

How to create a blog that people actually give a sh*t about

One of the biggest challenges for companies, organizations and individuals who communicate through their blog is how not to repeat themselves day in and day out.

A blog is a great tool but only if it’s interesting and brings value to your readers. As hard as it is to get new followers, it’s actually quite easy to lose them if you insist on boring them to death.

What is the parallel conversation?

For some companies the answer lies in creating a parallel conversation – a way to engage your audience without seeming overly bent on selling them something.  

The notion of a parallel conversation is to create a world of content that allows your brand to take ownership over a big idea. It transcends product and touches upon the essence of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

No one likes people who are pushy, so why do you think people would like companies that are pushy?

A great example of a brand that uses a parallel conversation to position themselves not only as industry leaders but a big idea brand that stands for something bigger is Caspar.

Casper makes mattresses. But they do it sexy. They do it different.

First of all, Casper has revolutionized their own industry. They sell top quality mattresses at a much lower cost, they operate almost exclusively online and if you’re not happy with their product, you just ship it back to them.

Their  blog has enabled them to take ownership of something much bigger than mattresses.  

It’s allowed them to express their thoughts on sleep, dreams, productivity, love, optimism – all the things that can happen on a mattress or as a result of wonderful sleep.

Caspar proves to us that with a bit of imagination, vision and creativity you can turn your brand’s blog into something more meaningful for your stakeholders. A good blog needs a soul.

The first step in the process is philosophic in nature. It starts by asking a simple question. Why are we doing what we do? How do we want to affect the lives of our customers? What role can we play in their lives? This starts a conversation and some soul searching. When you have the answer for that, the creativity is the next step.

Blog Strategy Workshops:

There are many ways to kickstart a blog strategy process. In our experience, for companies that simply need a bit of direction, the best thing to do is do a blog strategy workshop and figure out the opportunities that await your brand.

Our workshops offer two parts:

  1. Research & Explore
  2. Developing content guidelines


The first part explores what your brand stands for and what opportunities for a parallel conversation await you. The second part is a more practical, hands-on approach where we devise actual post ideas and style guidelines that your internal content department can take and run with.

For companies that seek a more in-depth process or would like to re-consider their entire brand positioning, there might be the need for an overall brand re-haul or to re-think the overall brand strategy.

Either way you look at it, a blog is a great excuse for re-thinking your raison d’être and creating a meaningful experience for your different stakeholders.



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